RDC (Remote Desktop) SLOW!


For anybody having this issue when connecting to windows 2000 / 2003 servers, I've found the solution!

Upgrade your Windows 7 build to 7232 (can be found on many torrent and p2p sites...I got mine off of pirate bay). It's the "expected" build to be in the retail version, and I can happily say I don't have any more connection issues when connecting to multiple win2000 servers.


Thanks much! Just tested this with the RTM and RDP to Windows 2000 looks much better!

I second that, "hooray!"

Are you connecting via TS Gateway? that seems to be an issue with Windows 7 RDP.

Dear All!,

For resolving Remote Desktop (RDP) Slow Connection speed in windows 7 and also windows server 2K8 I think MS team made a change in Minimum Color Depth from 8 to 15 BPP that Make remote desktop in higher color than before so
I've made a custom .RDP file with 4 changes from original One that listed below:

1 - 8 Bpp color depth RDP that has been Lost in windows 7 and windows server 2008 make you extreme Fast.
2 - Full Screen with Smart Resizing (make full screen RDP as default and if you wish it's resize the full screen windows and not scroll!!!).
3 - Keyboard hooking (make windows Key combinantion works on remote side).
4 - all local hard disk drive mapping.
How To install
Use on of two below method to download and run


Download attachment, Unzip and simply Run it!

Here You are a rapid-share link for that file:
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
Simply download and run it!

Enjoy;) .


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