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Whatever the Profile Post is meant to be, it seems to have been misused.
Spammers had been using it to post spams, and now new members are using it to post computer questions.
Perhaps, management will consider adding a line at the profile box to explain to new members what it is NOT meant for?
My experience of rules is, most people don't read them. In fact, to make a confession, I haven't read the rules here. I've been a moderator in two Forums --- I never read the rules. I know the rules cannot contradict common legislation; you follow those, act properly, and all is fine. I have read the Finnish and American Constitution.

Common sense?

Meaningfulness is another word. The meaning of this Forum is to help, and there I support David: posts of request for help should be addressed publicly. But how to do it, if it's posted personally? One needs to transfer it = make it a topic = more work for Staff = and is there a right to even do it?

Or we cut the tongue so that needless sounds aren't heard?

All in favor to improve the Forum.
We do eventually track down these errant postings whether they be spam or a cry for help but it's also true that some do get missed. Your suggestions will be brought up at the next meeting.
I would repeat the long-since-dead-gone principle of old fashioned Liberty, which has been tried to be killed several times in several places: men do have the right to express themselves. In some cases, they don't find the right channel, but it doesn't mean they are wrong, neither with their need nor with their urge to find an answer.

To strangle is less beneficial than to give fresh air... and now, I seem to go preaching... again.

I enjoy the free spirit in this Forum, I don't want any harm to it.
We always welcome forum users insights as without you guy's the forum has no community.