Really Slow Windows System... Especially network.

Do you have speed problems?

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Ok I have a windows system a reletively new one.
4GB ram
1.4 Ghz
Can play source engine games on high with graphics mods installed @ 2-10 fps and low at 15-60
Note: source engine was released in 2006.
Games are kind of decent.
Download speeds are in kbps. when my bluray player gets like 8mbps and 2.88mbps on my other computer.
I have tried varius tweaks.
I have no idea what to do other than doing a factory restore.


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What is the actual system your running? (make and model). Have you checked for malware?
Make sure you remove anything like Toolbars as they can hinder performance.

Do you have more than one firewall running?

Give windows a clean:


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To add modestly to kemical's reply, when was the last time you did a defrag? HDDs need it, SSDs don't really benefit.

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