"Recent palces" is missing

Hello, 3-4 months ago i installed windows 7 and i saw that when i was right clicking on the Windows Explorer (the folder image) in the taskbar it was popping out a screen with Recent Places (10-15 recent folders), Windows Explorer and Unpin this from the taskbar. accidentally i missclicked on the Unpin this from the taskbar and when i tried to put the Recent Places again i failed:(. now it looks like this

i tried many things and suggestions on forums and they didn't worked.

so, what i am trying to get is that when i right click on the Windows Explorer (the folder image)
the Recent Places be there and work :)

thank you


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Have you simply tried re-pinning it to the taskbar? This may resolve the issue.
Otherwise, try this: Right click an empty area on the taskbar and navigate to Properties>>Start Menu (tab) and ensure the option "Store and Display Recently Opened Items in the Start Menu and on the Taskbar" is checked. Apply settings.
It may take some time for them to start displaying again, as Windows will need to repopulate the recent items/places list.

Hope this helps :)


i already did unpinned/pinned it and those 2 boxes in start menu were already checked. i even unchecked then checked again :(. any other suggestions?


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have u checked in customize section , the same place as Mitchel said , go down and see if recent items is unticked, if so TICK it


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I unpinned it and re-pinned it but the "Frequent" items remained. One more thing to check open the Start Menu Properties again and select customize. Make sure under Start Menu size on the bottom, the Number of recent programs or items does not show 0. I don't think this has been mentioned yet. I agree it may take a re-population, but not really sure why yours would have disappeared when mine did not. You did re-pin it from the Start Menu-All Programs-Accessories version of Windows Explorer?

Other than that, are you using any special utilities related to the Desktop display or menu or toolbars?

i did everything you suggested, and no i do not use any special utilities cause i can see frequent on all other pinned stuffs=((
but just to be 100%, how can i check if i have any special utilities related to desktop or menu or toolbars


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you would have to have downloaded

check if you have a recent items

go to

c:/users/"username" /app data /roaming/microsoft/windows ......... it should be in here,

right click and properties,a makee sure its not hidden


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for some reason when i unticked the boxes on my pc applied this, reticked them, no recent items, untickedd and reticked, still no items


witht he boxes ticked i went to start,m my documents clicked on a picture i had in there and opened it about 10 times, i kept on clicking and clicking and clicking without stopping,... closed them off and the3 recent items is back

thank you but that didn't helped me :( it only shows recent ITEMS but that's not what i am looking for because items are pictures, exes, and others.
what i am exactly trying to get is recent(frequent) PLACES which are folders only.

it should look like this


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so, what i am trying to get is that when i right click on the Windows Explorer (the folder image)
the Recent Places be there and work
Thats what you origoanlly asked, so frequent places now, , leave it with me ;P


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Maybe this will help, because I did as Kaos and ended up removing all my recent places.

So I opened an Excel file which was in the Excel Workbooks folder. The Excel Workbooks folder is now back on the popup list.


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When I right-click on taskbar > Properties > Start Menu, I cannot check "Store and Display Recently Opened Items in the Start Menu and on the Taskbar" because it is grayed out.

I located the C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent
and it appeared empty for some time - then suddenly a subfolder appeared "CustomDestinations" (modified just now) with 24 files with names like this: ffba0b96e448ee9c.customDestinations-ms

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