Windows 10 recreate a recovery usb

I did a recovery of windows 10 which used space on my D drive
from which I created a USB of the pre Nov2015 upgrade.
this D drive is full and I wish to recreate a new recovery USB but the D drive is full
How do I delete the previous version from the D drive prior to creating a new recovery partition.
e.g. what files should I delete?


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I'm not sure what you are doing exactly?
I'm assuming that Windows is on your C:\ drive.

So you have a D:\ drive that has a System Image or something on it that's a copy of the C:\ drive and you want to remove it to make space for a new backup?

I'm not sure where the USB drive comes in as it relates to the D:\ drive or is it an external USB hard drive?

You should be able to just delete the backup that's already on drive D:\ and replace it with a new one.

A picture of your Disk Management window would help.


Yes Windows is on my C:\ drive
When I did the create a recovery drive it went on to my D:\ drive which was a partition on the hard drive
then I was able to write that to a USB stick. I did not delete the recovery files on the D:\ drive, so it is full.
You mention I should be able to delete the backup on the D:\ drive how do I identify which files to delete


more info



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The files you show look similar to the ones I have for a Dell System Recovery USB except no recycle bin and I believe the System Volume Information stays with the partition it is on.

I am not sure what process you used to create the recovery files but the Windows version will usually wipe the partition it is writing to.

Do you know why the Partition is designated as OEM? Been running the EaseUS utility recently?


I have not run the EasUs utility, I do not recognise it. I used the Windows recovery process
The disk set up was on the machine when I purchased it new
What I think I will do now is attempt to create a new recovery and see what happens


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What you are doing looks like it's creating a recovery partition similar to what a factory created partition would look like.

So essentially the whole partition is what you need to remove.

You might want to make the partition larger then that before you create a new backup on it, my recovery partition is 200 Gb and allows me to have up to 3 backups of my C:\ drive on it.

What you are creating if I understand it correctly would replace you Windows install but nothing else on your C:\ drive and since it could possibly overwrite the whole drive may cause you to lose all of the other data on the drive.

You might want to consider creating a system image using software like EaseUS Todo backup and recovery free version.
It will backup the entire C:\ drive and let you get all of your data back if you have to use it to recover your computer from a crash or virus situation.

It will make a DVD or USB drive that will boot you computer and restore the C:\ drive back to just the way it was when you backed it up.

Best free backup software for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc - EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The size of the backup file is dependent on the size of the C:\ drive, so I don't install any of my software or save my data on my C:\ drive.

My Windows install on the C:\ drive is on a SSD all by itself.
My backups are on another hard drive but could be on an additional partition on the same drive.

The fact that the data and software are on other drives, lets me backup or restore my computer in about 20 minutes.


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