Redirected documents (also Win 10)

This is potentially more of a server question, but it seems there is very little activity on there. I've also looked around a bit on here for this topic but it appears other post go unanswered, so I thought I would give it a try. We are running Windows 7 clients mostly but should be moving some to 10 eventually.

Currently our users' documents are local, which works in some cases, in other cases not. I guess the best solution to this would be to redirect at least their documents (if not also their desktop) to a server.

I understand that offline mode is especially useful to those on mobile devices, but I'm assuming there's no issue running it on a desktop given hard drive space, correct?

If you run in offline mode and say, your file server reboots or becomes non-reachable, it shouldn't have an immediate effect on the client, is that correct? My understanding is that offline will sync up as changes are made where as regular redirected files are essentially just a direct connection to the server.

Also, I was curious about using DFS with redirected files. I thought I heard at one point that DFS shouldn't be used with redirection, but was looking for further information on this. Would love to chat with anyone who has some experience in redirection. Thanks.

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