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Windows 7 Reducing HDD & memory footprint


New Member
Jun 1, 2009
Hi all,

Okay, so I was happily running XP, fearing that upgrading to a newer version of Windows would kill my performance. Unfortunately, a need for 64-bit came up, and I upgraded to Win7... Confirming my worst fears. 12GB were used on the drive as of the install (I have a 30GB SSD and I have 5GB reserved, so having only ~12GB left for apps is a bit of a problem...). Further, under XP, after a clean startup, only ~200MB were in use. In Win7, this is 1000GB. I understand some of that may be the 32bit->64 bit pointer bloat, but...

Steps I've taken so far:
- Used vLite to lighten the ISO (for all the good it did)
- I've disabled many services I don't need. I could/will go through & do more. Indexing service/Windows Search is obviously off, as is Volume Shadow Copy
- I've moved the pagefile to a different drive, which reclaimed me the expected 3GB on my system drive
- Run Disk Cleanup to delete shadow copies/system restore points... changed nothing
- Run CCleaner which removed a couple things, but didn't save much disk space

- How can I further reduce the disk footprint (without reinstalling). Under XP, a clean install after winLite was <2.5GB, which left me more than enough room for storing pictures of Mr. Ed
- How can I reduce the memory footprint? I often do large-scale simulations and paging kills performance. They usually only take ~1.5GB max, and I have 3GB, so they should be under the limit, but I'd rather have a bit more buffer room. Paging means the difference between 5 hours for a simulation and 2+ days.

Also, is there any way to disable parental controls? I'm running as administrator as the computer's only user and I can't run a game.