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    This is my first visit to the Forum and I find it to be a wealth of information. I have been in the situation the article describes with work files scattered about and knowing I have it, if only I could find it. Libraries sounds as though it will be very useful to me. Thank you for a very informative article. It cleared a lot of the mystery of Libraries for me. I have several questions that I hope are appropriate for the forum.

    I am setting up a new system and this is my first foray into the Win 7 world. So far, I really like it. My questions revolve around the location and size of Library folders. My root drive is an Intel SSD of 160 GB. My plan is to load program files only onto the C: drive and have all data and seldom used by useful programs on the 1 TB D: harddrive. My questions are, 1. Is there a way to change the default location of the Library folders to a drive other than C:? 2. Can the Library folders, or additional Library folders be located on the D drive? 3. If I have to leave the Library folders on the C:\ drive, I am concerned about the size. When I do a properties check on the folders listed under libraries, is the size given the size of the Library folder on C:, or the size of the folder actually holding the files?

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    Like yourself I use the system drive for only the op sys and installed apps. Far as documents folders etc are concerned I just don't use them. I create folders using my own structures and names on a separate data drive and configure all my installed apps to use the appropriate one as its default file location.
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    Windows 7 Help and Support has a lot of good information. The attachment shows a part about changing default locations for file folders.

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