Remote Code Execution via SSH, driver installation.


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Hello, I am a QA engineer and my use case of the problem is inability to pass a build validation test: I connect to a Windows 8.1 through SSH connection and start a batch file that automates the installation of the software on Windows 8.1. virtual machine. The thing is: during the installation there is the driver that needs to be installed(this driver is responsible for the part of program functionality).

I have such a question:

What security measures does windows 8.1 take unlike windows 8 to prevent such driver installation?
Please consider i have my UAC(corresponding registry key is changed to '0') ,Firewall, Windows Defender Disabled. The SSH session is launched under the user process(in order to allow GUI-required processes to be launched inside with administrator rights(meaning all possible ACL restrictions are surpassed).

The mere goal is not to find the security leak, but to create the workflow for automated testing of the software.
Again, if the script is launched inside the OS, the final step - driver installation - is succeeded.
If the very same script is given via ssh - it just dies silently.

Can anyone pour a light upon driver installation policy?
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1. I assume SSH is disabled when you turn off the firewall...
2. Code wise, 8.1 has added remote management checks for hyper-v compatablity which 8 doesn't need or have.

Sorry m8 ssh isn't something I send time with any more... good luck with it.