Windows 11 remove windows 11 protection history entries


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Mar 31, 2011
How can you remove the Defender 11 protection history entries? I have quite a list.
I tried Google and YouTube along with 4 other sources and they do not work They say Windows 11 but I think they're 10.
I tried all the ways on the web and then with MS went through the steps and some. The MS agent said there is a glitch known to MS that should be corrected with the next update but last night I received a cumulative update to no avail. That agent said he is getting many calls or chats about this malfunction. I realize there is no need but I have many bocks which is good but would like to clear that page. Especially because most people can which leads me to think I could have a problem in the registry
I have been trying to clear the entries and think the issue is that the batch file is for Windows 10 mot 11.
I know I am beating a dead horse but that list is long -does its job but I would like to remove it at least for a while. What is the Windows 11 way to do this. I have compared my file explorer chain with others who seem to be successful.
When I use the batch file and click I see (unknown) which I delete but nothing happens.
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