Windows 7 Right Click Menu customization


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I just answered your question. Sometimes you're really vague.

So I'm stuck with the annoying thing ain't I?


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In Firefox,



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Dang! Well, thank you for your assistance though it didn't really lead to anything.



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You're welcome,

Sorry we couldn't solve it


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Yeah. Well, thanks for everything


This is related to Firefox, not Windows so not sure why you're asking here but whatever. To get rid of certain menu entries (context menu or main menu) within Firefox, you need to download this add-on. Deselect the entries you want to be taken out and that is all there is to it

Menu Editor


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:eek: THANK YOU!!!

BTW I though it had something to do with Windows.

Yes,, would like to state that the Send Image and Save Image, Set as Background context menu items are default Firefox menu items. They are programed into the Software and I do not believe there is any visible settings anywhere that will get rid of them. It appears (maybe) that you would need to hack the userchrome.css or other files to accomplish what you want.

Other than maybe the add-on listed above.

Thank you for the information but the add-on works splendidly,


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Give me the names of the programs and I'll do it for you

Add-On = Problem solved. Case closed. I am happy. Context Menu Entries are finito

(Sorry for the blunt, overly clear, getting-my-point-across post)

Unless I missed something (Don't think I did)

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