Same major problems no matter despite various laptops, different windows versions, or diffe

Years of laptop anguish and literally despair from nearly four years of non-stop laptop issues.

For years now, my laptop begins crashing windows even each time I have just started installation all over again, having just reset my computer back to default Windows and default only program (for the last three and a half years, and no one has been able to help me—not even HP support nor the Geeksquad! I figured I might be transferring a virus from my external drive when I copy a file to the new HD. However, I have tried soooo many different antivirus cleaners such as Malwarebytes, Norton Power Tool, etc. but no viruses are ever found by any of the programs.

I was using a Toshiba Satillite P770 laptop but had so many problems even right off the bat immediately after I reset the computer back to default programs (that came with the computer). It got so bad. I finally bought (and currently have) an HP ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j100 Quad Ed CTO that has 8 RAM and processor of Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.4GHz. I use Window 8.1.

Well, right off the bat, the exact same problems began (and continue) to happen to my new Envy TouchSmart Quad while starting to install programs, even immediately after reset to default programs. These problems continue to happen no matter what different versions of Windows I buy, different versions of MS Office, despite many versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I never had been able to get NaturallySpeaking to work without crashing Word most of the time all these years!!!

Below shows some of the Event Log messages (screenshots) that I received even before installing any of my software (show Reliability Monitor of System Mechanic). However, it looks like the graphic shots below of Event View are not going to show., so if you would, could you please click on the pdf attachment below to view the screenshots? Thanks!




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these issues that keep repeating despite different machines it sounds like they coincide with the use of your external drive judging from what you've written above. if this is the case then the drive must viewed with suspicion and could even be faulty.
As a kick off let's try to ascertain what condition your os is in. Open an admin command prompt. (right click on command prompt and click run as administrator). Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results.

Run a chkdsk on all drives including external if possible.:

It looks like many of your problems stem from connection issues. If this has been the same with each machine then perhaps you need to check on the router? Does the firmware need updating or similar?

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Try unhooking the external drive for a few days and see if it changes anything.
Also try plugging your router directly into you laptop with a cable and see if that makes any difference.

Have you been using McAfee all the time you have had the problems?
You could try removing it and just going with Windows Defender for a few days and see if that could be the problem.
I've always found that McAfee has been more problem then solution.

Who is your ISP provider?
Have you talked to them?

I can't imagine that the problem could be anything other then the external hard drive, your connection or possibly McAfee.

But can you think of anything else that been the same since you had problems with your computers?
Any software that you run that's not the everyday stuff?

Do you always use Internet Explorer?
If so try using Chrome.

I have a lot of issues when I try to use IE.
It hasn't been able to open my Comcast Home Page for years and several computers.

Try unhooking the computer from everything, no connection, no McAfee, no external hard drive and then try and install your software.

Try not installing the software in the default locations.
Windows will see it as something new and not pick up anything from the old installs.

That's about all I can think of at the moment, let us know how it's going, and we'll try and come up with more ideas.


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