Same windows, same internet connection but not same connectivity, need help

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Aditya Jain, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Hello all,
    I m using Windows 8.1 64bit that came pre-installed when i bought my laptop and my friend got same Win8.1 preinstalled and we both are using same internet connection of our college but there is difference in connectivities..

    I cannot access to softwares like Steam, Adobe creative cloud etc as they require internet to install and function, whenever I connect to, say Steam, it says you need to be connected to internet even when am connected, pretty much no software that requires internet activation/installation is not working while they are all working perfectly fine at my friend's laptop..

    We both have same internet security( Avast free antivirus) and the firewalls are turned on for both of us.. I tried switching off firewalls but still not accessible.. Need help, coz without steam, the games i purchased would go wasted...
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    Try disabling Avast and then try your connection to steam.
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    Your school prob filters the internet... most do. A student under-aged or on a different level of study will have different settings.

    1. Take your system to someplace outside of school and that has interent (internet cafe at mac-kers or a mates house) and see if you have the same problem there;

    Then take the laptop to the school help desk and ask them if they can change your internet settings... you don't need steam for homework but Adobe creative cloud is a legit tool that the school should allow past their proxy.
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