Scheduled jobs, password hell....


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So I'm the poor schmuck that gives a crap about backups. I have scripts that are supposed to run every night, but due to IT corporate domain nonsense they make me change my password. The scripts are run from a local admin account (non-domain) but every time I change my network password, all the scripts stop running. The last month, I have thrown MS under the bus where all clowns belong. I've never dealt with so much CF from them.

My corporate IT support is lacking, so I'm out here looking for a "stupid, this is how you fix it" answer. I'm the stupid guy. I'm certain it's a password issue, but I'm angry. These things (backup scripts) should run without this much crap going on. Yes, I have the "use local password" set, but it doesn't work. I'm over in the task scheduler, and when I fix the snapshot tool (Thanks Microsoft brandon ) that an update killed off.. I'll post screen shots if necessary.

fwiw, I'm over in the task scheduler. The tasks are supposed to run under local user account. I'm on a server but I know it's physically connected to the RAID. There is no network access involved - all backups are effectively local on the hardware.

Ideas or suggestions? I have to be missing something obvious. I'm up for "stupid, click this button" suggestions. :)