Windows 7 Screen Issue..

Leon Greybe Jnr

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Hi All,

It would appear that I have a screen issue that is stopping me from playing Microsoft Flight Simulator Have a look at the attached pic) error.jpg

I have a Radeon HD6950 card with one monitor although from the picture it would appear that Windows think I have two monitors.. I have checked the display settings and everything seems to be ok. error1.jpg

How can I find out
a: what is causing this problem &
B) How do I fix it?

It would appear that all this happened after I updated my drivers. I have tried the following without any luck:

Rolling back the driver
system restore
complete uninstall of the drivers following a re install

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!


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I suppose a couple of questions. The message says you need a Radeon 8500 or better. You say you have a 6950...I don't know much about AMD video cards, but is this a problem?

And what are the two images? Do you have two monitors and one image for each?