Screen Saver what screen saver??

Hi all,

This is my first post so I thought I would start with a simple little problem first. I am running W7 x64 on the following platform:

  • Intel desktop Board (DG31PR)
  • Intel Core 2 duo 2.33MHz
  • 3GB ram (2 modules 1gb & 2Gb running dual channel)
  • 500GB Western Digital (new)
  • 2 DVD optical drives one of which is SATA the other IDE
  • NVIDIA 8500GT PCI express
  • PCI Wireless Network Card
  • A number of external USB things (Printer, HDD backup, Ipod... etc)
I installed W7 on 15/06/2009 it is build 7100 and yes it has run and completed all updates available. All drivers are up to date accordingly with the latest the most up to date being the NVIDIA(06/09) and Intel Chipset(06/09). I had a issue installing W7 where it blue screened on me but after reviewing my MB information I identified a bios update which fixed the blue screen issue which has something to do with post xp versions of windows and memory above 2GB.

I though yesterday, after leaving my computer for a couple hours, 'what on earth has happened to the bubbles screen saver'. After some thought I realised I had never seen the screen saver activate even though I do remember testing it. So i fiddled around and found none of the screen savers activate at any time delay from 1 to 10mins. But then neither does the power saving options which turn off the screen or put it into standby.

The funny thing is, they don’t even activate if you have nothing plugged into a USB device and no programs running. I don’t even have a USB mouse I only have a PS 2 one (noted from a previous post as a possible issue solver).

Please help, maybe a fix is needed??:confused:

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You know, I just realized I have the same problem. I mean, the thought has flashed through my mind, I just did not think about it that long, guess I figured I just had not been around when it was on. I very seldom saw the xp s-s. When I walk away, I walk away. But, yeah I have the same problem.

similar here but it seems that i've tracked it to yahoo widgets if widgets is running no S.S. (usually it has worked once or twice) no widgets, S.S. works.Makes me wonder if apps designed for othe OS's have some influence

My money is on apps that are not allowing the system to sleep or engage Screen Savers.
Win7 power settings and screen savers work fine for me every time all the time

The system is in my living room, so I notice it when I walk away to watch TV or something.

my situation seems to have resolved itself to a degree.Screen Saver is not acting exactly normal but it is much more reliable.I did apply an update one portion of which was a chipset driver but i dont see anything in it that is a likely candidate to solve a problem like this but i'm not complaining. I'm wondering if anyone else's experience is similar.On a side note if anyone can confirm a similar experience. Is it possible that seven has code in it to self repair or adjust, similar to the adaptive parameters in most modern engine management computers in automobilles? I ask this because i have seen several small problems that were to minor to worry about yet that just sorted themselves out, Weird.


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"chipset driver"
Those alone can fix or solve a lot of issues. And most people don't reinstall the proper or up to date ones.
7 is based on Vista tech, so it should be ok, however, 7 also has many changes and improvements.

What effect on drivers and such, and the need for them to be updated is as yet fully unknown.

So, expect some glitches till 7 is fully on the market for a couple months.
The transition will be much much much quicker than it was with Vista initially.

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