Screen won't hold the entire picture.


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Regardless of whether it's my E-mail or a web site, the entire picture bleeds over the top, the left and the right borders. So I have to guess to click on anything I want to see or switch to. This suddenly happened in the past few days. How can I shrink the picture enough to get all of it on my screen?


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I already have the highest resolution and the smaller text...I should mention the screen on my pc fits 100% inside the space, but I've attached an HD cable to a HDTV and this is where, suddenly, it's bleeding on three sides...



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TVs usually have an option to change the screen aspect ratio and it might not be detected automatically. Try different settings on the TV and see if that helps...


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I had this same issue and never did get it sorted out. I learned to live with the TV image being a tad too large to fit on the TV screen. I did have HDMI connection.

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