Script to update/fresh permissions shared folder


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We are using Dropbox on a Windows Server 2016 DC. Dropbox is used to Sync the files between users in a remote location (due to connection speeds) and then also Syncs between the shared folders on the DC.
Surprisingly it's working really well but I've come across a problem. When a folder (64 Zoo Lane) is created in 'Quotes' via Dropbox. This then Sync's into Quotes on the shared folder.
Once the client (64 Zoo Lane) has paid. A user would then access the shared folder via the network and cut and paste this to another folder 'Jobs in progress'
The trouble is... when the folder is cut and pasted the permissions are not updating as it's missing a user group.
If however, the folder was created via the network and not dropbox this works fine and the permissions update correctly.
Is it possible to having a script running in task manager that refreshes/updates the security permissions of all folders?

I'm kind of thinking some sort of batch script although unsure of the syntax/code.


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When a file or directory is created it will by default inherit the permissions of the parent directory. There are lots of caveats to this some of them included here

Are these directories on the same volume and the missing group in particular is it set to propagate or is is it applied to the parent directory only?
I ended up creating a batch file which run a ICACLS line to refresh/update the permissions of the directory.

icacls "E:\Dropbox\Jobs In Progress\*" /q /c /t /reset

This worked a treat - I then added a task to task manager to run every 5 minutes.