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    Sep 27, 2009
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    I don't know you. All I know is what you do... and I haven't seen you do anything constructive.

    I love my children, I have raised 3 but still advise them not to smoke and take drugs.

    In the same way I'm simply suggesting that I would appreciate something positive and constructive.

    People come here for all kinds of help. I'm just trying to offer you some constructive advice, much like your goal to help Microsoft through your suggestions and recommendations. I guess we are more alike than I realized.

    It matters to you. You spend your time and effort writing these replies. If you didn't care you would just go on your way.

    I have been very careful not to say anything personal. I simply suggested that you post something positive, display your talents and skills.

    And I designed and built and few my first airplane in 2004.

    ...but that doesn't matter here. People want solutions, they don't come here to look at our trophy cases.

    That kinda seems like a personal attack... even though you do imply that I know how to read... I just not sure how I should interpret that remark.

    You still haven't learn this:

    Aren't we all... Perhaps it would break the tension if I sing a song to you.

    I'm so much cooler online.

    I'm six foot five and I look damn good
    I drive a Maserati, I'm a black belt in karate
    And I love a good glass of wine

    I live in Malibu
    I pose for Calvin Klein
    I've been in GQ
    I'm single and I'm rich
    And I got a set of six-pack abs that would blow your mind

    I'm so much cooler online
    Yeah, I'm cooler online.

    No one is going to take you serious and believe you are an expert UNTIL you solve some problems that visitors post here. Simple, bottom line... nothing else matters or has any value.

  2. And, naturally, you see all and know all. Pffft!

    How's that working out for you?

    To quote from your previous post:

    In what way is that not "personal"?

    Look, if you're going to judge me by implying that you've read all of my comments on this site, at least you could display some competence and actually read all of my comments on this site. There aren't that many.

    So now you're using an irrelevant post by you in an attempt to claim that it's okay to reverse engineer and alter Microsoft's installation media in violation of the EULA. What exactly does that change? You're allowed to do it because Microsoft inadvertently included some GPL code in a tool that they didn't originally release as open source? Two wrongs make a right?

    And I notice that you're replying to my detailed critique of your bad advice, as lame as your reply is, not in the thread in which I presented that critique and the evidence supporting it but here, instead. Nevertheless, I won't repeat what I wrote there. You'll just run away again so you can find some other thread in which to complain about me.

    And now that you've gone completely off the deep end, I will end this useless conversation. Of course, you're free to continue your rant, but I won't be listening. Still, perhaps some of your fans will be interested. I hope that you find it fulfilling.
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    Nov 16, 2009
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    Win 7


  5. War? There's a war going on?

    :) Don't worry about it. Believe me, this is not a war. This is just a cranky old man telling two inconsequential young whippersnappers to get the hell off of his lawn. It's a small thing that doesn't really matter.

    This, on the other hand, is war:

    Don't ever confuse the two.
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    as this thread is not really going anywhere and it seems the OP's problem has been solved, I'm going to close it before things get really heated..
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