Seemingly Random BSODS for as long as I can remember...

Hey, thanks for the quick reply :)

Interestingly, both the crashes happened when I started playing APB (today). The system was on all night (downloading APB) and for several hours the before with no crashes. Then two during APB. Its not actualy that good of a game anyway so !

I will see how it goes and report back!



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I did notice your first dump said the system was "up" for just over 24 hours! :D

A computer that's a critic as well!

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Hey guys. The system ran for a long time without a BSOD since not playing APB... until just now. Was just on a webpage and boom.

I will try the driver verifier method and report back but in the mean time here is that BSOD, might provide new info....

again, thanks for all your help so far :)




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Nothing new or obvious (to me) in the last dump file. Not sure if that's good or bad!

Usual causes:
System service, Device driver, graphics driver, ?memory.

Hoping driver verifier will catch something out now.

Could you run the SF Diag tool again when you next have a bluey? Give an up to date on your system. Thanks.

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