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Hi. Here is mine on my 2 1920x1080 desktops...
Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.55.57.png

Late edit..…. the icons on the left side are with the old Rocket dock, and the taskbar change is with TranslucentTB-setup.exe software.

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My Windows 10 Enterprise Desktop


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deleted for privacy

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Enterprise is better then Pro with more features better with gaming and faster.

Not true and how are you licencing it as it's not like you can purchase keys for it.

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My desktop since my very first ever machine 20 years ago. Don't nag me about the state of my desktop ! I do tidy it now and again.

Merry Christmas to all

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THAT Is galibreitb photos

Back here on January 6, 2020. Here's my city in the winter.


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Time 10.1.2020/ 0.58

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I like monitors. The two on the right are 24"

That image editing is not the best skill.
Thanks for the guidance Regars Rapaaja

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Not sure what you mean by image editing. My system has 3 monitors a 37" and two 24" monitors.