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The widgets come from Rainmeter. Then there are a bunch of widgets that can be used at Deviant Art.

I'm using the widgets that came with it now. I didn't like the original size of the script so I edited it to enlarge it. It was a little hard to figure it out but I managed to do it. They might have looked better on a screen bigger than my little 15.6" laptop. I had to get the weather widget separately though. It was there at Deviant Art.

There are a bunch of different ones there. I was using a different one a while back. Posts #63 and 68 show some other set-ups I have used.

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Cool thanks. I think I remember Rainmeter from back in the day. I also have a 15.6" laptop. Do you mind sharing how you configured it. I really like that minimal style you have going on there.