"Show my desktop background on Start" not available


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The new Windows 8.1 option "Show my desktop background on Start" is not available on my system. Actually, it was until I had to change my motherboard (and had a lot a crashes). Now that my PC is running normally again, that option is greyed and therefore unavailable. All the other options on the tab are functional.
I tried with other backgrounds to no avail. I don't know where to start digging.

When you changed out your mobo, did you do a clean isntall of 8 then update to 8.1.

When changing out major peaces of hardware....eg mobo, cpu....it's recommended to reinstall the OS.


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I just reactivated my windows 8, because of the Mobo change (2*48 numbers to copy/enter on your phone, I love U Microsoft), and now the problem is gone. One more mystery of Computers life. Thanks for your support anyway.


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So it sounds like the Win 8.1 OS was not yet activated after the MoBo change. Thanks for posting your solution. This might be helpful to others reading this.

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