Side Dock (Left/Right side of screen) for Windows 10


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Is there a Side Dock for Windows 10, that will give you a Dock on either left or right side (instead of the top or bottom) … ? I found RocketDock, which I really like, sorta like the old Mac Dock, but I would like to add a Side Dock also …..


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there is not such thing as Windows 10... they have different builds which change the way docking works;

try pressing [windows key] + [.] + [left or right arrow] that moves the main window on most builds
multi-desktops i.e, one for gaming and the other to run word are what Microsoft are testing and its a major pain to use so i don't recommend it
the short cut to make them is [windows key] + [tab]

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I discovered that I can set RocketDock to the left. I also found Nexus Dock, which I have set to the top. Very cool and useful apps ! Helps to access stuff easily and quickly ….. RocketDock is on the left ... Nexus Dock is at the top ... SideSlide is the small window, which is actually a separate Desktop on the main Desktop. I have RocketDock and Nexus Dock set to hide, and when I hover my mouse at the left or top, the Docks appear. I still have Windows 10 Task Bar at the bottom.