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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by pinay0919, Jan 14, 2014.

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    My friends were playing around with my old laptop which was an Acer aspire v5 with a core i3 by trying to guess my pin. No matter how many times they tried, it wouldn't lock or anything. I got that laptop replaced because it was malfunctioning. The replacement was practically the same model but with a core i5. Again, a friend tried to guess my pin but after a lot of tries, the pin entry box disappeared and got replaced by a password entry box. I forgot my password because I rely too much on my pin which is shorter and easier to remember and the "sign-in options" button disappeared so I can't log in with my pin. I also can't log-in using my Microsoft account password which I changed. I'm pretty sure this isn't because of the model change. Oh and another detail is that my old laptop's OS was windows 8 when my friends played with it while my new one's OS is windows 8.1. Please help because I have really important files there and it's new so I haven't had time to back-up
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    II believe it is against forum rules to offer assistance on recovering passwords.
    But, tour best bet is to call Microsoft and explain the very unusual circumstances you have outlined. They may give you another option

    For you data, you could download a live CD and boot up with it, and copy your data somewhere accessible. Knoppix is a ver good one for this purpose.


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