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Windows 8 SKYDRIVE - Is it for BACKUP?


Active Member
Apr 29, 2013
So I understand that SKYDRIVE makes it easy to access your documents or pictures from different devices. Can it be used, in essence, as a external hard-drive <per se> to back up your pictures and important documents? I'm not quite understanding how it works. I think it works like a dropbox, but wondered about using it for BACK-UP rather than purchasing an external drive?

Nancy B.
Hi kemical, If I understand you, that if you had skydrive before April of this year, you have 25GB of space. Is that right? I have been using Skydrive for about three years. Just curious. 7GB would be plenty for me.
I missed your post on it. That is good to here. Come to think about it I think I was offered a choice between the two.