SQL application link disconnect


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I am beginning to feel lost and I need some help because I need to fix this problem I've been having at work.

Basically, I have been having issues with my network drives, seems like after a certain amount of time computers are not able to see my other computers in the same workgroup, and the most important one the company server. As a result, networks drives are not found, as well as having reliability issues with a sql driven program that uses sql native drivers, this is the most pervasive and important of the two.

Here are the things I've tried not sure what order or combination.

disabled firewall in server and client
disabled antivirus
added a wins server to the mix hoping it would help the problem, didn't work
added entries to the host files of the workstations pointing to the server, no good either.
bought a new main switch, nothing
both wired and wireless devices are experiencing the same issue
Weirder still is that I set an endless ping and the problem occurs to a lesser extent, but still happens.

Attached a wireshark dump for the application connection. is the server.
Any help is greatly appreciated, not sure what other things to do to get this fixed.