Windows 8 Stardock breaks new ground with ModernMix: Run Multiple Modern UI Apps in Desktop

Why didn't Microsoft do this!
Really good heads up Mike. I downloaded the 30 day trial and it actually works. I have been moaning in the Microsoft pages about this lacking feature, without any intelligent response.
This sets Windows 8 as my number one OS, now, for sure. I quickly slapped in four games (Modern Apps) and opened them on the desktop. How about this:

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They are a little truncated here, for the sake of reduction. On my desktop, they all show perfectly.
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Really, if you combine this with Start8, again from Stardock, you seldom have to look at the Start Screen again since the Modern UI apps are located in a folder on the Start Menu... Well, this is the solution for desktop users for sure. Until they try to eliminate the desktop completely.

Here's a large screenshot with some testing of Start8 and ModernMix:


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I wouldn't mind using those products, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for them. I'll just keep makes me feel better. LOL.
I do feel the same way, Bass, believe me. But it is exciting to try it out. I am hoping (boo hoo) that windows blue will take care of it for free - - hoping.
I'll be trying it out - and hopefully see MS adopt it - wouldn't be the first time they have incorporated third party features into later releases.
Well I got gifted those 2 pieces of software....let me tell you....It makes all the difference. I can't believe how smoothly they work. I'm with you guys, I hope MS does incorporate with blue...if not...many many thanks to my gifter.
I have been ... in the Microsoft pages ... without any intelligent response.

that's the reason in itself... the Microsoft Answers community is ridiculous. This is great news though for anyone who prefers the conventional desktop. Personally when Blue introduces the ability to have metro apps running on more than one screen, I'll be happy enough.
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