Windows 7 Start menu search bug


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Mar 10, 2009

I've got a problem with the Windows 7 Start menu Search function.
When I try to search something with the start menu, the results aren't shown, but instead of that the category separators ("Programs", "Documents", ...) are shown as icons !

Here is a screenshot, when I'm searching for Word :
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Of course, when I click on "Programs" or any other one, the message "Windows cannot find 'Programs' ..." appears.

I must manually go to All programs to start my program, it's very boring.

Is there a solution for my problem ?

(PS : Sorry for my english)
I have exact the same problem!

It depends on the users profile. But how do I solve this on my profile? :(
And again. After reinstalling it was fine, but since yesterday I have this problem again. Does still nobody has a hint for me?

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