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Windows 7 Still having problems installing Windows 7.


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Feb 6, 2009
I have tried to install Windows 7 from the first beta released, with no success. I'm trying now with build 7077 x86. I am trying to upgrade from Vista. It will go all the way through the installation, to the last (I assume) restart. When it tries to load up, it will say the installation was not successful, and my previous version of windows will be repaired.

When it does the compatibility check, it does not say anything about any hardware not being compatible. I have read that some people have problem with having their monitors hooked up via DVI. Is there any solutions to this, besides using a different hook up? My video cards hook up with DVI. I have to use an adapter where I can use DVI to plug into my video cards, to VGA to hook up to my monitor. So, I can't use anything else. I have no other monitors or cables. Is there anything I can do to get passed this bug?
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if you have a spare old hard disc lying around, why not try replacing existing hard disc in the computer and doing a CLEAN install. This will verify that there are no hardware compatibility problems. UPGRADES seem to be a hassle.
Your just carrying over problems (that you might not even know you had) by upgrading. I agree, a clean install is always the best way to go.
Thanks for the replies. I don't have a spare hard drive. I have tried a clean install with the first couple versions of the beta, which didn't work either. So because of that, I don't want to try it again since I'll lose everything again. It's not a big deal, just tiresome reinstalling everything. I just read a lot about people having problems with their DVI hook-ups, so I thought that may be the problem. I ess I'm pretty much out of luck. Thanks for the help anyway guys.