Strange audio issue..randomly stops


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Toshiba laptop, windows 7 home premium.
Recently audio stopped working in the sense that i was getting no sound, but the volume control showed "normal" messed around rebooted it came back, lasted a few days then went out. This time the volume icon was X'd out, couldn't get it to work so i uninstalled audio devices from control panel and rebooted.
Audio device was reinstalled, audio worked. started testing by watching a YouTube video, it worked for about 30 seconds and then the sound disappeared, BUT the audio icon worked and showed "activity" when i opened it..
checked services and redundancies, everything is running ...
rebooted again, system sounds worked, went to youtube, no sound, went to Vimeo, sound worked on first video for about 10 seconds, then stopped, system sounds stopped.
what could be happening here?
Any ideas how to resolve this?

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any ideas? Issue continues, restart the machine and the sound returns for a short period of time.


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I would suspect a hardware issue, or something with cables / connections, if you have such. You haven't dropped the laptop, or anything? Heat could be a problem too, have you cleaned your computer?

Anyways, please give the exact model. You have any warranty left?

Edit: Oops... I noticed it was under heading "Hardware"... :redface:

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