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Hi, first of all, sorry for my bad English.

My issue is pretty straight forward: last night I left my computer powered on, and when I woke up, I had a Windows update screen stuck at 100%.
The mouse didn't work, everything was frozen.
I restarted my PC and it froze at the spinning dots loading screen. Before that, I had a screen saying "preparing your desktop", or something like that.

I already had this problem, and solved it by leaving my computer powered on the whole night, again.

Is there a simpler solution?
Thank you.


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It might be some device or driver for a device is having a problem loading. If you are in your system now, do you show any error messages in Event Viewer which might be related to some driver? Are there any devices you can unplug or turn off to try to stop the driver from loading?

Do you have any networked drives or something else which needs to access a network?

How old are your hard drives and if you have more than one, can you disconnect any extras?

Any software you have loaded or uninstalled?


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Thank you for your help, I just fixed it by hard resetting the computer few times.

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