Stuck at "welcome screen"

hey, i had some problems with my internett connection and i got this D-Link CD wich i tryed to install, but when it came on 95% everything freezed, i waited, and tryed ctr+alt+del, but no respons, so i hitted the restart button on my computer, when i turned it on i tryed to do the normal way without safe mode, i got first stuck when i got on my account, afther i tryed safe mode and uninstall the D-link driver wich had been installed :frown: then agaon i tryed to go the normal, i got stuck at "welcome" then again i tryed to go into safe mode with internett, but im stuck again on "welcome":(

the wierd thing is that when i run safe mode without internett it works well but with it just wont let me logg on, so in my teori is that the internett driver or something is ****ing up something, but i dont know what!

Btw im posting this with my school laptop (it sucks)

so plz help or give advice! :)

nvm! found the prob! uninstalled the driver for my network device (in safemode without network acces) and deleted all the folders with D-link :)


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Well done. Good self-diagnose there!!

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