Windows 10 Stuck safemode with no password


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I had issues with Windows 10 and decided to restart in safemode via Msconfig. After the reboot I tried to login but I forgot the password. I can't change it online because of the safemode. Please can someone help me out!
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My friend had a similar issue a couple of months ago, his password expired while he was in Safe Mode.

If you have access to another computer, and you are logging into your Microsoft account then you can change your password there.

The problem is that if your computer isn't online it won't know that you have changed to password so it won't respond anyway.

We had to restore his PC using a System Image file to get back into his computer.

Do you have a Windows install disk?

Is your computer a Laptop with a restore partition?

Do you have stuff on your computer that you can't afford to lose?

If so, you can make a Ubuntu disk on another computer and boot from that, then use Ubuntu to copy all your data to a separate partition or external drive.

Then restore Windows which will get you out of Safe Mode.

Maybe someone here knows a way to get out of safe mode without getting back into Windows, (this used to be easy but not in Windows 10) but I wasn't able to find one when I was dealing with this problem.

Sorry I couldn't come up with an easy answer.

Check out the info here and see if there's anything that helps.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

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