Switch Between Partitions.... Without Restart

My drive is partitioned up into 3 sections:
Does anyone have the answer as to how I can make it possible to switch between the partitions without having to restart my computer


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What do you mean "switch between partitions"? Are these boot partitions of some type? If you set "her" on one partition, did you move all her user files to that partition?

yes we had windows7 placed in 2 of the 3 partitions on the drive. I can move files around between them just fine, but I cannot switch from desktop to desktop without restarting and going through the boot up, to switch over.


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You basically have two different OSes installed. To boot to another one, you have to restart....

Windows 7 is a multiuser system, so I am not sure why you chose to do it the way you did, but I do not really see another option. i suppose you are dual booting now? You are also installing two copies of all software?

Yes I did install it in is entirety in 2 differant locations because my wife can't seem to go more than a month or two without somehow reqiring us to reset her side. And well..... I lost several files last time and I figured the this was the for sure wayto fix that problem, But now when we want to switch "users" we have to restart the system to access the other desktop.


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It can't be done because you have to boot an entirely different os even though they are both windows 7.

Thanx for the help.


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Hi scuba. If I understand your problem, it would be easier to just have the one installation,but have a separate user under your wifes name. Just ensure she is not an admin. I do this with one of my computers, on which I have four users, to cope with itchy fingers from my visiting grandchildren. Makes life simpler for me.

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