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Hey guys I'm a new person around these forums. Just since yesterday my laptop was attacked by some kind of malware that tries to scare me into buying their products and hiding all my files. I managed to unhide all my files but somehow the virus still remains. I tried every solution on the web to get rid of this virus but to no avail **** does not work at all.And to top it all this particular virus shuts down all my usb ports and disabling me to connect to another computer to share files even.
So I decided to reformat my laptop.

But the thing is when after I clicked system restore, the thing shut down. Ok fine everything was normal and it started up as usual, but the next thing that happened was that it was stuck on a black screen. I thought the program was processing but I was wrong ( I've never reformatted a computer so please bare with my sillyness ) I've tried many many times by shutting down and trying to click on system restore but still same result, stuck on a black screen. And pressing F11 doesn't really help either, it will still result in a black screen. I've tried to use the system recovery disc but it didn't work at all.

I'm no computer expert so I'll have a bit of difficulty understanding some terms. Hope someone will see this thread and reply to it :). help is very much needed and appreciated. P.S my laptop is a HP G42-459tx notebook pc, running on Windows 7 OS 64 bit.


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Well, possibly the virus is effecting your results.

When you selected system restore, were you given alternatives of a date to restore? Did you pick one to make sure it was prior to the virus being acquired?

When you say system recovery disc, what exactly are you referring to, a CD you burned, or something included with your system? Many laptops have a Recovery Partition that is used by a utility provided by hitting a specific key during boot. Your owner's manual should go through a recovery process.


I know what you have. IF, Malwarebytes, , will install & run it will find & remove the problem. I have had clients where this thing incapacitate their machine to the point where it had to be rebuilt. May be your only option; save wanted data & re-install the OS.



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If Malwarebytes won't run, try doing it in safe mode, (usually works) if you already have it installed.

However sometimes it won't let you install it on your hard drive.

If you don't have it installed already and have trouble installing it, first try installing it from a USB stick while in Safe Mode, if it still won't install you can try installing it on a USB stick on another computer and then run in from the USB stick on yours.

if you are still having problems installing it change the name of the installation file from, mbam setup.exe to Fried Chicken.exe or anything you want, just don't change the .exe part.

The virus won't recognized (it has a list of files to block) and it and will let it install.

I have (so far) never had a case where Malwarebytes wouldn't get rid of this.

But here's some more info on these malware files.

To Fake Antivirus Information.

Here’s a Super Simple Trick to Defeating Fake Anti-Virus Malware - How-To Geek


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There is a portable version of Malwarebytes. But be aware that this is not supported by Malwarebytes.

Having said that I've never had an issue on the odd occasion I've used it. In your situation I'd get into Safe Mode and run it just as I'd downloaded it. I'd then reboot to Safe Mode with Networking to update it's database and run it again.
It's up to you but if the regular Malwarebytes isn't allowed to install and you wish to try it you can get it here.

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