Windows 10 Tags not working on new laptop


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I recently bought a new laptop and have transferred over my large photography library. On many of my pictures I have added tags: on my old laptop, whenever I started typing in the tags box in the details pane, a dropdown list of tags would appear. On my new laptop, initially this dropdown list didn't appear at all. I have since found a way to make it appear (using the inetcpl.cpl function). However, none of my user-created tags (ie: the ones I want) appear in this list: only a handful of tags that I didn't create (which appear to be permanently embedded within some pdf files I have) ever show up on the dropdown list.
I have run the file explorer troubleshooter. I have created a new user account. Both to no avail. Please help!
On a related topic, previously I could simply type [tagname] into the search bar and it would immediately show all my files with that tag. Now, I have to type tags:[tagname] and press enter before it searches, and the searches take tens of seconds instead of one or two; this shouldn't be the case as I now have an NVMe SSD rather than a hard drive!
The only difference between the two laptops' software is that the old one ran Windows 10 Home, and the new one Professional. Both are Lenovo: IdeaPad 500 (I think) before, ThinkPad P53 now.
Many thanks for any help.