Taskbar bug on 7100

I believe this problem affects people who have 7077 or have upgraded from 7077 to 7100.
No.... I always fresh install , formmating the partition first to clear all files, this bug is there on both my desktop and laptop.


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These are binary registry values, something even I usually don't mess with. That's very dangerous territory

Where did you get this registry hack from?
Make a registry back up if you're worried.

10 limitations of Windows 7 RC build 7100 you must know
Windows 7 RC Release Notes - Several issues that testers should be aware of - Softpedia

Fixing the High Contrast and Classic theme problem also fixed my "blur" bug. I use the same NVidia driver for GeForce 6600 I had in Windows 7077.

If you guys did a fresh install then the problem is quite bizarre indeed.

Edit: Forget my tip. IT'S BACK. I just tested multiple times yesterday and it wasn't there.. now it is, again. Both using small taskbar on top and moving taskbar from left to top. :confused: Pretty random.


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Try pressing the power button to turn the computer off.

Restart it and the taskbar should be reset.

I have this problem.
Win 7 RC 64-bit, fresh install, GeForce 8800GTS, using small-icon taskbar on the top.

Simply unlocking, moving to sides/bottom, and then repositioning at the top fixes it, but very annoying to do on every reboot.

Haven't tried the hard reset suggested by reghakr, but I'd rather not if I don't have to, however if someone can confirm that it works that would be swell.

the same problemhappend to me

this is deffently a bug
i have acer aspire 5100
with amd turion 64 bit
ati raadon Xpress 1100
the same thing happend to me
and its gets worst
when the task bar is up it leavs a little shadow bar binith the task bar
and it covering other open windows
big big big bug :)
fix it


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Did you try my suggestion above?.

when i restart it gets fixt but after a while it happens again

when i restart it gets fixt but after a while it happens again and i dont want to restar my computer every 5 minuts

when i restart it gets fixt but after a while it happens again and i dont want to restar my computer every 5 minuts
Have you ruled out the possibility of a bad driver? As in have you installed the latest Windows 7 driver for your gpu? And if that didn't work or wasn't available for your specific model than have you tried the latest available Windows Vista driver? ;) I only ask this because I know there were a couple others in a different thread with a very similar problem and it was just a matter of trying a different driver for them.. ;)


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Are you using the lastest drivers for your card. ATI has released drivers for Windows 7.

Take a look here:

Graphics Drivers & Software

there is no driver for my specific ati gpu (radon XPRESS 1100)
but i have installd the latest vista driver still no good
thnx for your help :)


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Sorry, I should have checked further for your particlar card,

having the same problem

after moving the bar to the bottom and back to the top to get rid of the extra taskbar piece, maximizing a window still only maximizes to where that extra taskbar piece was ... until i change to large icons then back to small and put back on the bottom and then back on the top again.

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