Windows 7 Taskbar pinned icon disappearing/changing


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May 9, 2009
Hi all...I've been running the W7 release candidate for a couple of days and have had the pinned icon for Mozilla Thunderbird disappear several times; removing and reinstalling will bring it back, but it will disappear within a few minutes, leaving only the standard Windows "I don't know what this is" icon. Clicking the icon brings up Thunderbird without any problem, so it's just a cosmetic issue with the icon. Same thing in the Start menu for Thunderbird. See the attachment and you can see the buggered icon next to the Firebird icon.

Any ideas on how to fix? I don't see how this can be a Thunderbird issue, but it only does it to that icon (so far).
Sine the icon is the generic one, it seems the path may be wrong. right-click on the icon and choose properties and see what directory it points to.

After clicking properties, click the change icon entry and it should bring up Thunderbird and select the first icon in the list, then choose Apply and OK.
There's nothing wrong with the path as the icon works just fine to load Thunderbird. However, when I do click "Change Icon", it gives me an error window that it can't find the path (although it finds it just fine if I click "Open File Location"). When I crawl through the path to find the directory and manually change the icon, it won't change back...weird!
Check in the Start In box and remove the information in that box and see if that works.

Or delete all the entries in the Start menu, navigate to the Thunderbird directory, right-click on the Thunderbird executable, choose create shortcut, now drag that shortcut icon to the Start Menu.
I was able to fix it by selecting the icon myself using the "Change Icon" button, but I had to apply and accept an administrator access for some reason. It seems to be happy (for now)...don't know why I would need admin level to change a pinned program icon on the task bar.
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