This is a brag!!!


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Hi Everyone.

Finally after nearly 20 years of trying I have won 100 games of Freecell without a loss.

I always play 100 games and start over, my previous high score was 98 out of 100, but I've never gotten to 100 without losing.

I select the games at random, I always finish all the games I start, and I never take back more then one move, (it lets you do that).

Whoo Hooo!!!!

Oh hell, what am I going to do now?


Mike, you trying to qualify for a government job?


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I don't know which I admire most Mike - your winning 100% of the games or you're confessing to it on the Web. Well done mate - on both counts!


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Hi Guys

I'm not the only FreeCell geek I know.
I had a friend, whose goal was to see how many of the games he could win.

He didn't win every one, he played them in order starting with game number 1 and played it until he won.
Then he went to game number 2 etc.

We used to email each other the numbers of games that we found really hard to beat.

He was over game number 20,000 when he went to the giant recycle bin in the sky at the age of 87.

Almost every time I shut my computer off for the day, the last thing I do is play a game of FreeCell.

I've been a gamer since the Intellevision, and Atari days.

Right now I'm playing The Elder Scrolls Online, and looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition in the fall.


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