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Mar 25, 2006
It's occurred to me to mention a couple of things, might clear things up some.
I don't have any icons on the desktop.
In Windows 8, by default, there was/is a 'folder' on the Taskbar called Libraries.
Someone in another thread said something about Libraries, now, being 'hidden', by default, in Windows 8.1
However, now, the 'folder' on the Taskbar (there, still, is one, by default) is This PC. It gives all what's in the Libraries folders and more including, any & all drives; nothing hidden.
If, as I said earlier, this (folder) is replaced by an (ALL) Applications 'window' AND (this is what I hadn't mentioned) the Desktop Toolbar is enabled, the whole approach works. Desktop Toolbar has Libraries, This PC, Control Panel & more plus, whatever desktop icons you might have (that, remember, are not showing). Also, from here one can drill down, navigate to any location in the machine.
Here are some show-you pictures:
Screenshot (5).jpg
Screenshot (6).jpg

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I am sorry. There is no sarcasm meant here, I assure you. I read yr post several times and failed to understand what you were saying. I must be getting too old for this.
libraries in the File explorer Window8.1, are visible to me. They are a spin off from the old "Documents and settings" in earlier OSs". I use them extensively for safety backups as they contain all the personal stuff you really don't want to lose.
Yes, I know that, David.

The point was two-fold.

1. If the default taskbar 'folder' is changed to Applications instead of This PC (in 8.1) OR from Libraries to Applications in 8.0, everything, still works, and w/out any desktop icons being displayed by enabling the Desktop Toolbar.


2. That someone in another forum had tried to say Libraries was now hidden in 8.1... they are not... They, now show via the This PC 'folder'. And if in 8.1 that is changed to Applications, again, w/ Desktop Toolbar enabled nothing is lost or hidden; Libraries clearly there.

Looking @ the pictures I supplied, should all make sense.

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The "All Applications" folder on taskbar / desktop / whatever discussion aside..... There is in fact a big difference in what you see when you click on what we think of as the "Libraries" folder (File Explorer) on the Taskbar, between what you saw when you did it with Windows 8 and what you now see when you click on it in Windows 8.1

No more "Home" tab, it now defaults to "Computer" tab which has sort of been renamed to "This PC"

Mostly cosmetic? You decide. Personally I kinda like it better.

Only speaking of default views here..... I promise I know as do a lot if not most people that you can alter what folder "file explorer" defaults to.

And if you just can't do without them.... right click inside the navigation pane on windows 8.1 and choose show libraries and they are magically unhidden.


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]"what we think of as the "Libraries" folder (File Explorer) on the Taskbar"
Ah! That solves the mystery partly. I have not previously heard it called a "Libraries" folder.
Unfortunately, as soon as I install an OS, even as far back as XP, on of my first "customisations is to change the default of the File Explorer on the taskbar. Mine defaults to the root of my installed OS - at the time of wirting, in Windows 8.1,

In point of fact, as I have 8.1 on a pc and on an adjacent Laptop, I have renamed "This PC " to "Laptop"
I do have Libraries unhidden . As I said, I use them as a more convenient way to back up personal data, and to access the same.

By the way, if interested, it is possible to rid yourself og the user files in the windows 8.1 "This PC"

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Always good to have an excuse to pop into my Windows 8.1 VM once in a while just to have a look around.
As a result I caught up on some 5 new Windows Updates today that were hanging out there
Update KB 2864247
This download fixes the Store app crash on the x86 version of Windows 8.1 Preview where the Windows Store wasn’t functional at all.

  • You can downloaded KB 2864247 from Windows Updates
Update KB 2864806
This updates fixes the problem which don’t let you login-in with your Google account on certain apps. It also applies to the Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1.

  • You can download KB 2864806 from the Windows Updates.
Update KB 2864808
This update fixes the issue while resuming downloads in Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1 Preview which can’t resume downloads, currently.

  • You can download KB 2864808 from Windows Updates
Update KB 2863312
Thus update improves the compatibility of some desktop applications with Windows 8.1 Preview.

  • You can downloaded KB 2863312 from Windows Updates
Update KB 2864713
This update improves the robustness of data files in Windows 8.1 Preview.

  • You can download this update from Windows Updates
The updates released in this batch seems to be most important and if you are having issues in Windows 8.1 Preview then, these updates might fix them.
SOURCE: Microsoft releases the first set of updates for Windows 8.1 to fix bugs

So that worked out nice for me.
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