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Windows 7 touchpad mouse driver problem


New Member
Feb 1, 2009
I've got an Acer 5315 Laptop. Pretty much all the drivers stayed installed during the upgrade from vista.. with the exception of my ALPS touchpad. So i can't use the touchpad for scrolling... luckily it has a scroll key in between the mouse buttons. Nonetheless, this is a minor irritation. I tried running the setup file from Acer in compatability mode, to no avail. Also, W7 thinks that it's a PS/2 mouse, and won't let me update the driver. Any Ideas??
Alps Driver

Hello, You may have already tried this,but I burned a cd of the backup apps that are installed on the laptop. I then had to use the driver from the backup disc to be able to use scrolling on the touch pad. It works now. I have always had the cursor to jump or not respond sometimes on this computer. It is only 3 weeks old. It came with Vista Home Premium,but I am now using Windows 7 build 7057 and the scrolling works,but it still doesn't work like it should. Maybe it's an Acer anomaly,who knows? Anyway, Good Luck! :)

hey, thanks. i tried that. i got the ALPS drivers from the Acer site. i think acer just sucks lmao.

Yes,I think Acer is not that good. I thought Acer made better computers,but I guess not. I won't buy another one. I think I will leave PC's and move to Mac. I have an old iMac and I like it. Now if could figure out how to use the OS I might like it more.