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Windows 8 transfer wihndows 8 system to ssd


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Nov 18, 2006
I plan to get a ssd drive and run only windows with few other most useful software on it.

I transfer only windows 8 system with system settings. can I make a image of windows system only, not whole hard drive? and how to backup activation. the windows 8 I have is a upgrade license I brought from Microsoft upgraded my existing windows 7.
With an image it should work. Make sure you also transfer the 'active' partition which may be the little 200 to 300MB system partition (check in Disk Management).

Activation should not be a problem because you stay on the same system.

Alternatively you could make a fresh install with the upgrade license. Here is how.
I'm not entirely sure transferring an HDD image to an SSD would be the best idea as Windows is currently configured and optimized to work on a conventional HDD. For example, disk defragmenting may still be enabled when you power up on the SSD which is not only un-necessary on a solid state drive, but also derogative to the life span and performance.Your best bet would be to perform a clean installation on the SSD and then reactive and reinstall your programs. Be sure to back up personal files from the hard drive first.
is windows 8 optimized to run on ssd or it will not make any difference?

what things are need to make windows 8 ready to run on ssd ?
Windows 8 has better TRIM support for SSD's and better acknowledgement of their existence. For example, Windows 8 will avoid attempting to automatically defragment a SSD. Windows 8 uses SSD's to fully take advantage of the fast startup mode included in the OS.

For example:

In Windows 8, when the Storage Optimizer (the new defrag tool) detects that the volume is mounted on an SSD - it sends a complete set of trim hints for the entire volume again - this is done at idle time and helps to allow for SSDs that were unable to cleanup earlier - a chance to react to these hints and cleanup and optimizer for the best performance. We do not do a traditional defrag (moving files to optimizer there location for space and performance) on SSDs.

If I do a new clean install of win 8 on a new ssd drive, what will happen to the have one already installed? what about license and activation? how to transfer over?
how can I take a backup of startup menu app list in windows 8 ?
I usually just go to Add/Remove programs and type a list of any programs I'm planning to reinstall, print it off.
how can I take a backup of startup menu app list in windows 8 ?

If you're just looking for a list of installed applications for reference purposes, try looking here:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

If you're just looking for a list of installed metro / modern apps for reference purposes, try looking here:
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Application Shortcuts