Windows 7 Troubles turning off display win7 RC


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Apr 30, 2009
I am running on my notebook Windows 7 RC 64bit ( build7100). I had a problem, which actually occured in all Win7 builds I tried ( build 7048, 7057, 7068, 7077). In Power Options I activated the option "Turn off Display" for 5 minutes. Well the display turns off indeed, but after 2-3 seconds it turns ON again! I thought it has something to do with the drivers for the graphic card (GeForce 8600GT). Now I just installed the 185.81 drivers for Win7 x64 from Nvidia webpage. I tried also with the 185.68 for Vista x64, with the drivers from Windows Update (petty old) and also wit the drivers from the manufacturer (MSI). No success! I restored the default settings fro every power plan and I rstarted after - No success. The display turns always on after few secs. The Scree Saver (when I activae it) is working without problems. I deactivate Hibernate state, but I don't think it has anything to do with turning off display,or? On the same Notebook I have Win XP Prof x32 and Vista x64 installed. On these two OS the problem doesn't occur. I use a wireless connection with Intel wifi 4965AGN which is always on. But also when I turn off the Wlan card the problems stays. I deactivate "allow wake times" in Power Options and I also install a program named "Turn Off Monitor", but even when I use this program, the dispaly turns off and then after 2 sec...Guess what! It is ON again! I have the actual drivers for all components (checked with DriverUpdate, Driver Genius, windows Update), I use no LAN, and the settings in BIOS for Power Options I wouldn't change them, since in windows Vista x64 everything is ok.
Do you have any suggestions about this? I would really appreciate it!
Thanks a lot!
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