TV Tuner Card Black Screen

I have Windows 7 Professional x64, and I recently bought a GT-P6000 TV Tuner card. You need to download both the latest GT-P6000 drivers, as well as the Presto! PVR utility, all from the GIGABYTE website:

The drivers are here:

GT-P6000 - GIGABYTE - Support&Download - PC Components - Driver

The Presto! PVR utility is here:

GT-P6000 - GIGABYTE - Support&Download - PC Components - Utility

To get Presto! PVR to work, when installing it you have to select the "Run as Administrator" option on the explorer context menu. The picture will then show when the program is run.

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What's the diference ... You need Run As Administrator To Install the presto ... i'm the administrator of the computer ... and it's installed ... the problem is the black screen ...

What's the diference ... You need Run As Administrator To Install the presto ... i'm the administrator of the computer ... and it's installed ... the problem is the black screen ...
No, I am not talking about whether or not you are member of the Administrators group, I am talking about selecting the "Run as administrator" item in the windows explorer context menu when running the installer. You have to uninstall Presto! PVR and re-install it.

How to fix the black screen with sound only in windows 7

I just went out and bought the Gigabyte GT-6000 TV card today and installed it on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit machine. Like most other people I got the black screen. I researched before using the disk and installed the latest drivers from the site immediately, ignoring the disc except for the MCE Driver.

I also installed the Presto software from the site, as the one on the disc was outdated for 7.

Then I restarted, and I got the black screen with sound. So annoying!

I tried all sorts of stuff. Nothing worked. Till I finally messed around in Presto with the SELECT INPUT SOURCE function, which I did not realize was there.

It was set on Analog TV. I happened to connect to the tv card with RCA cables using the included RCA-to-S-Video converter.

I changed it to Composite, and then I got both sound and picture!

The video quality in full screen isnt very awesome, but this card only cost me around $40, so it's very reasonable for what I got. Also there are sometimes cracks in the sound but it might be a different cause.

All problems solved.

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I have same problem vut my tv card is ASUSTeK TV 7134 BDA so if you could help my i ll be gradeful :D

Fix Black Screen for Gigabyte GT-P6000

I think I was a bit unclear on how to fix the Black Screen issue for Windows 7.

This issue is caused because of outdated drivers on the installation CD provided with the card. The solution is to uninstall the drivers from the CD and install the ones from the official site:

1) Uninstall all Gigabyte drivers you installed from the installation disc, except for MCE Driver. This can be done via Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.
There are 2 different drivers, one for the card and one for the remote control

2) Download the newest drivers for your operating system:
GIGABYTE - TV Tuner Card - GT-P6000

3) Download the newest Presto PVR from here:
GIGABYTE - TV Tuner Card - GT-P6000

4) Install all drivers and Presto PVR, then restart.

5) Verify all cable connections to your P6000 card.

6) Start Presto PVR and select your input via "Select Input Source" button located on the right of the player. Try them all if you don't know which one you are connected to.

No more black screen!

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