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    Hided Icon box
    in the notification area, windows shows hidden icons with the upper button.. When we click it, the hidden icons box appears..
    In hidden box , we can sort the icons but i wish we were able to size it too.. in my windows , 9 icons sorted 3x3 for now, but i wish i could make it 9x1 too, which is vertical or horizontal, which depends on my resize selection...

    Sticky notes
    It is such a nice program, but how come doesnt have opacity function??? it takes all space my desktop... i wish i could able to put that notes in %10 opacity, transparent.. When i am not using, or the mouse curser isnt over it... actually there is a program called stickies is freeware, it is doing better job then microsoft`s..

    if you think same way please copy and paste this to feedback n send..

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