Two Win 7 installations on one PC

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    I had Win 7 Pro running on one SSD and something screwed up the registry in a minor way so that a few things didn't work right any more. I added another SSD and installed a second Win 7 Pro copy on it to run the two copies in a dual boot config while I got the second installation up to speed to replace the bad one. Now I have both installations running fine. The new clean installation is where I want it and I'd like to pull the original SSD from the system and just run on the new installation. I need help with this. If I simply disconnect the cables from the old SSD installation (labeled C: in Disk Management) and change the boot drive in BIOS to the new SSD the system does not want to boot from it. That makes sense to me because the old C: SSD was the bootable drive. Please tell me what to do to get the system to accept the new SSD as a bootable drive.
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