Windows 7 Unable to boot from windows xp sp 2 cd after instaling windows 7 rc x64 (100 )


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May 19, 2009
This is my first post on the forums so hello all

I am having a problem that is very irritating so I am looking for some help.

I recently did custom upgrade to Windows 7 RC x64 (100), i install it like standalone OS, i had one partition with data and unallocated space in which i installed windows 7. After some time i have decided to replace it with Windows XP because is caused me some compatibility problems. However the only problem now is that i cannot get the machine to boot from the XP SP2 CD so as I can install it. I checked the windows XP and it was OK. When I try booting with the XP CD, my machine will boot straight to Windows 7 or sometimes even frizzes. I don't get the option of booting from a disc. When I try to boot from the Windows 7 DVD however I will get prompt asking if I want to boot from a disc. I tried booting with Gparted CD which worked, i formatted Windows 7 partition and removed the boot entry still the same problem thus now the windows7 boot loader do not start. I think my only option now is to transfer my data to external HDD, do low level format on the disk and if necessary to flash the bios. BTW I'm having acer extensa 5630 laptop with currently the latest bios version 1.28.

If anyone could give me some help with this it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in Advance
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