Unable to enter password when Windows 10 boots up.


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When I turn on my Acer PC Windows 10 boots up to the wallpaper screen where the date and time are showing in the lower left corner and the monitor is showing in the lower right corner.

When I press any key to bring up where I enter the password the screen goes black for a few seconds then the wallpaper screen comes back. I've tried this many times with the same results.

I have tried turning the PC off three times while it's booting up and this did not fix the problem.

I've also tried to get into safe mode while booting up and have not been able to by pressing the shift an F8 key.

Would appreciate any help.


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You can trick 10 to booting into safe mode by simply powering it off when you first see the Windows 10 logo and spinning circle 2 times in a row, on the third boot let it go and it should go into safe mode. Not the most elegant way, but it works.