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I can't install Capella Reader. It has been installed before and removed. I'd like to install it again, but it won't work on the website and not on the stick. Welcome to the Installation Assistant window opens, but it stops. There will be no error message. The machine has Windows 10.

What to do? No need to reinstall Windows.


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Just to clarify:
do you want to install it on your computer or on a USB flash drive?

Welcome to the Installation Assistant window opens, but it stops. There will be no error message.
how long did you wait to see what happens?
Maybe it takes several minutes before the next step.


The program has been downloaded from Capella's representative in Finland and installed on many machines without any problems.

On that machine, it has been before but deleted.

There will be no error messages, but the installation will start normally. But it stops welcome to the installation assistant window and does not progress, no matter how you would expect.


Yes, this program has been attempted to be installed on the net as well. Both have been installed on multiple Win10 machines, and there have been no problems. Only that one machine does it like a former girl.


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I would look in the application log in event viewer there may be error messages recorded there.


Hi i got that query fin in the community where helping people win the teasing device is asking i myself can't get stuck but i put that question i will tell you when i get the answer thanks


Hi I got the answer from the questioner: A couple of weeks ago when I was trying to install, I looked at the logs but there were no mistakes.
Difficult to advise you when you don't even tell the device type other than a year old Asus. Still, he has not warmed up to download win 10 again, which may have eliminated the fault perhaps? thank you


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Mitä tapahtuu, jos napsautat hiiren oikeaa painiketta asennus tiedostossa ja valitset sitten: Suorita järjestelmänvalvojana? Onko se parempi sitten?
Jos päätät asentaa tieto koneen uudelleen, Katso tila ukseni, jotta voit välttää samankaltaisia ongelmia tulevaisuudessa..


Today, I asked the questioner how he worked Yes as an administrator, even though the normal installation is normally done as a regular user.
The assumption I have in mind is the use / limitation / division of the program?
Thanks anser human tels that.